Alchemy is a process of deliberate transformation of our inner and outer experiences of reality.  In this process, we can literally fine-tune our bodies, minds, and emotional capacity, in order to forge an unbroken link with the spirit that unites us all.  

The process of alchemy enables rapid, sustainable transformation for us all to live the lives we truly desire.  It gives us the energy, skill, love, and courage to refine the cold lead of everyday experience into solid gold, and share that with the world.

You’ve probably heard a lot of quirky stuff about alchemy.  Perhaps you’ve heard of Newton sipping on liquid mercury, Pythagoras’ blood magic, the ritual undercurrents of the Masons.  Those aren’t my focus.  Esoteric practices and wild stories are not the focus of this website.  I want to create a practical, sustainable, and unified foundation for energetic, emotional, and mental alchemy: the inner work of transformation in our daily lives.  

The inner work always precedes the outer work in any sustainable transformation.  Gandhi famously advised us to ‘be the change you want to see in the world.’  Alchemy is a practical method to being that change.


The Nine Workings of Alchemy

Step (Alchemical Phase): 

1)    Crafting your vessel (Preparation)

2)    Cleaning your vessel (Preparation)

3)    Opening your vessel (Inhalation)

4)    Filling your vessel (Inhalation)

5)    Sealing your vessel (Inhalation)

6)    Heating the essence (Transformation)    

7)    Inner refining (Transformation)    

8)    Core radiation (Recirculation)

9)    Shining your light (Recirculation)


First, we craft our vessels.  The vessel is the Self, over physical, energetic, emotional, and mental levels.  We craft them to hold more energy, to stay strong in the face of heat and pressure, and to work with many different levels of being.

Second, we clean our vessels, so that the residue of the past is processed and flushed away, leaving us ready for new experiences and new creation.

Third, we open our vessels on our chosen levels and locations to allow materials to come in.  Eventually, we learn to open to the universe itself.

Fourth, we fill the vessel with substances, experiences, and sensations of different qualities and quantities that will be fuel for our inner and outer transformation.

Fifth, we seal the vessel, to ensure that nothing on the inside leaks out or spreads to unwanted parts of the vessel and that nothing from the outside comes in to affect the reaction.

Sixth, we concentrate the collected essence, applying heat and pressure to the collected substance.  This refines the substance, breaking the remainder into useable energy.

Seventh, we reinvest the substance to refine our inner vessel, allowing us to perceive more acutely and hold more experience within ourselves.  

Eighth, we hold our center, countering the tendency of new energies to expand away from the body.  This creates a personal gravity and a fusion reaction which mimics that of a star.  If you learn to hold your center, you can radiate energy.

Ninth, we circulate the energy we have harvested with others, shining our light to assist others’ process of becoming.  If we choose the right people, organizations, and processes to re-invest this energy the process will unlock more energy for this process for both parties.


These nine steps can be broken into four phases:

  •    Preparation
  •    Inhalation
  •    Transformation
  •    Recirculation


Workings one and two comprise the phase of Preparation: they ensure you have a firm foundation on every level, and that your vessel is clean and ready for what you want to create, experience, and transform.

Workings three through five comprise the phase of Inhalation: it is the opening, taking in of material, and sealing of your inner vessel.

Workings six and seven comprise the phase of Transformation: where energy is harvested and experiences, energies, and matter are changed into a usable form, and greater depths are uncovered within the self.

Steps eight and nine comprise the phase of Recirculation,  where the energy harvested and new states attained are used to emanate positive energy and invest in the positive processes of others.

The process of alchemy can take years, yet can be completed in a single breath. The lungs are opened, energy is inhaled, energy is harvested in the pause between breaths, and then positive energy is exhaled back into a bettered world.  This alchemical breath creates a relationship between the self and life, and it is through this relationship that more and more love can be made.

This is also the process of becoming a star, of learning how to harness so much energy from the universe that you radiate out positivity, creativity, and light to those you come in contact with.  This is possible in human form!  It is the core of many, many spiritual traditions.  


Let’s look at the process of transformation, broken down into nine distinct steps so that we can understand the whole process, from beginning to end.  I’ll explain each of these steps, one by one.


Step One: Crafting Your Vessel

What is ‘crafting your vessel’?

In the process of alchemy, your vessel is, quite literally, you.  Your vessel is everything you are that can perceive and hold, in sensation, thought, or experience.  This comprises the physical body, the five senses, the mind, and all of our mental processes.  This multi-dimensional container of your ‘self’ in the world is the where the process of alchemical transformation takes place!


Our vessels can be crafted in order to change their nature and capacity.  Through a variety of practices, we can enhance our physical capacities, the perceptivity of our senses, and the workings of our minds.  We can take responsibility for changing what we are in the world and crafting what our world becomes in reality.


How can crafting my vessel make my life better?

By crafting our vessels, we can alter who and what we are.   We can greatly enhance the amount and type of information we are able to process, allowing new perspectives to occur, harnessing new gifts to share with others, and new relationships to form on different levels of experience.  We can fulfill our deepest desires, and experience reality on levels we never knew before.  Once we understand how we interact with reality on a deeper level and take responsibility for unlocking those depths in ourselves, we can begin to build the reality we desire.


Higher levels of alchemy can be very intense.  These processes, if chosen, require a strong vessel to change one type of experience or energy into another, and to withstand the high energy of life itself without breaking apart.  A strong vessel is a necessity to undertake strong actions, like leading large groups, producing great creative works, or finding the partner of your dreams.  By upgrading your vessel, you bring yourself closer to making your dreams a reality.


Step Two: Cleaning Your Vessel

What is ‘cleaning the vessel’?

Cleaning the vessel means removing the past buildup of old matter, emotional residue, and stuck energetic and mental patterns which inhibit real change.  The main reason that most people don’t progress deeply in processes of transformation is that they’re working with dirty vessels!  


Before cooking a meal, a practiced chef cleans their pans, so that they don’t mix flavors or contaminate new dishes with crusty, rotting food. It’s the same in the inner work.  When we open up ‘new’ areas of self that haven’t been used, in some cases since early childhood, they might be dusty, dirty, or have caked-on, undigested experience. There could be physical, energetic, emotional, or mental residue coating the ‘walls’ of our inner vessels.  This residue isn’t wrong – it’s the natural product of living a complex human life.  Cleaning it out is a matter of hygiene, and essential for doing any real transformation with lasting benefits.  It’s important to clean ourselves out physically, energetically, emotionally, and mentally, before trying to do any new cooking, or creating and integrating new, amazing parts of ourselves.


How can cleaning my vessel make my life better?

By cleaning your vessel, you can clean your ‘Self’ on every level.  This makes the space in your ‘Self’ to create new depths and to get more nourishment from your experiences.  If you take proper hygiene in cleaning your past experiences before invoking new ones, you’ll get so much more out of each new adventure!


Step Three: Opening your Vessel

What is ‘opening my vessel’?

Opening your vessel means having the capacity to open your entire ‘Self’ on every level to experience the energies that pass through your reality on a moment-by-moment basis, all the time.  This is a process of deep awareness and even deeper relaxation.  After your vessel has been built and properly cleaned, opening your vessel allows you to experience reality first-hand, and to nourish yourself with the natural energies of your environment.  You can open to others, greatly improving your learning and communication skills and relax in the midst of great activity, allowing you to channel and direct this activity in accordance with your will.  To become one with the forces of reality, you must first open for reality to pass through you fully.


How will opening my vessel make my life better?

By opening your vessel, you can learn to selectively open to nourishing forces and close to difficult forces or to open to difficult forces and digest them, converting them into energy and healing others who may not understand how to properly process their realities.  We can also learn how to mirror and pattern our energy states after the most brilliant thinkers, healers, communicators, or inspiring artists in our current reality. By learning how to open our vessels to others, we can learn from them, receive from them, and give much more to them than we otherwise could.  By opening to others and to the different parts of ourselves, we can also learn to harvest unbounded energy from each moment.  This allows communion with reality itself and allows us to direct reality in accordance with our desires.


Step Four: Filling Your Vessel

What is ‘filling my vessel’?

Filling Your Vessel is the process of taking in material that you want to incorporate into yourself, convert into energy, or transform into a more refined state.  Once you have opened your vessels, you can deliberately choose what to put into them.  This choice can be made based on an accurate assessment of your capacities, natural desires, and needs.  The most sustainable impulses for filling our vessels are those that enhance our capacity to hold or perceive energy, or those that create lasting improvements in others because that increases the amount of energy and positive capacity we can bring into the world.

How will filling my vessel make my life better?

Through filling our vessels, we can understand what our needs are and how best to meet them.  We can take in what will actually aid our process of transformation rather than fulfilling addictive patterns.  We become better at taking in only the patterns and energies which serve us and automatically breaking down patterns which could make us weaker or less effective.  We also take in more fuel from our experiences and relationships and encourage others to share their gifts, enhancing their capacity to love.  By nourishing ourselves on a deep level, we can give ourselves the fuel and foundation to help ourselves and others.  We can also learn to receive deeply and not resist being cared for by others and our environment, as we turn that care into lasting benefit to everyone in our lives.


Step Five: Sealing Your Vessel

What is ‘sealing my vessel’?

Through sealing our vessels, we close our vessels to the outside world, so that material in the inside cannot get out, and material from the outside cannot get in.  In doing this, we create a pressure chamber that allows a reaction to take place.  If we cannot ensure a sealed container, pressure will escape and heat will not increase – the materials we have taken in will remain as they are.  Other materials from the outside could also enter the process of transformation, which could degrade the results or bond to parts of the psyche in unexpected ways.  Sealing the vessel prevents breaches of integrity in your process of transformation, and creates the conditions which make true, sustained transformation possible.


How will sealing my vessel improve my life?

Have you ever had a novel you were trying to write, a business you longed to build, a life project you wanted to start, but you weren’t able to muster the energy or consistent resources to make it real?  If you want to create something which requires your transformation, sealing the vessel is a necessary step.  This requires voluntary discipline and vigilance, yet it is the key to making the change real in your own flesh and blood.  Taking the internal discipline to seal your own vessel and initiate your process of becoming is the greatest step that separates spiritual ‘seekers’ from spiritual ‘finders.’


Step Six: Concentrating the Essence

What is ‘concentrating the essence’?

Concentrating the essence means focusing on the material you have taken in until it changes state, breaking down into energy or increasing in frequency.  Increased focus increases the subtle temperature or pressure on the material you have taken in and seals it within your vessel until it either gets converted into energy or it transmutes, transforming into a different emotion, energy, thought-form, or frequency.  This is the process of digestion – it allows you to transform energies, emotions, and errant thoughts into fuel.  Concentration happens by focusing as much attention as possible on the material without opening to distractions or releasing the pressure.  This process is a natural byproduct of intense meditation and can harvest immense amounts of inner energy if it is correctly employed.  This part of the process can be intense, which is why there are five steps of preparation protecting it.


How can concentrating the essence make my life better?

Through concentrating the essence, we can take the actual steps to bring a change into your life.  If you choose targets for transmutation wisely, the product of the transmutation process will yield more energy than it consumes.  As we get more skilled at transmutation of energy and emotions, it costs less and less energy to undertake the transformation reaction.  At that point, it may be energy-positive for us to start digesting the stuck energies in others’ or our own environment, as any digestion process yields fuel.  Through digesting the energies of our environments and in others, we naturally become leaders.  We can accelerate learning and pull knowledge from the essence of every energy we digest into ourselves.


Step Seven: Inner Refining

What is ‘inner refining’?

Inner Refining means deepening the energies within the self in order to hold more energy and perceive more refined forms of energy.  This happens after the heating, concentrating step six, where energies have been captured and previously stuck areas of the body-mind are freed.  This step is incredibly important.  The natural tendency of energy is to expand outwards to the environment and to others.  This dissipates energy.  The best use of these new energies is to hold them within yourself, shaking out blockages in levels beneath the conscious mind, and setting new levels for the body and mind to operate at. This can allow new elements of the personality to be set and increases the capacity for new energy and the help that can come to others through the process.


How can inner refining make my life better?

Inner refining allows us to reinvest the energy and refinements gained through our concentrating practice in order to upgrade our lives and experience of reality.  Most of us blast the energy and excitement we experience out into the world or invest it in experiences which keep us at the comfortable level where we currently reside.  If we deliberately harvest energy from our experience, then use the energy we harness first for our own growth and development, we can accelerate our process of growth, and give so much more to the others we come into contact with.  This is the principle of, ‘physician, heal thyself!’ If we become the first recipients of our healing energy, then compounded over time, we’ll have exponentially more to share with others.


Step Eight: Core Radiation

What is ‘core radiation’?

Core radiation is the building of a permanent, subtle emanation of energy from your living core.  This radiation becomes both your gift to the world and protection against outside interference, largely obsoleting passive energetic shields.  Core radiation occurs when we have built a spiritual center of gravity by concentrating energy at the core and refining our reality to hold a wide breadth of what used to be subconscious, unconscious, and superconscious frequencies.  Core radiation creates a halo of positive energy which naturally forms around someone who has gone through the alchemical process and is holding their center of experience within themselves.  Such a person naturally emanates positivity, care, and confidence to others, generating more love in the universe through simply breathing.  Once they have done enough work, their spiritual gravity does the rest.  


The process works like a star, which fuses atoms together based on its own size and gravity, and this fusion creates energy for life itself to form.  We can all learn to be like stars and the metaphor of ‘becoming a star’ is central to many spiritual traditions.  

This process can help us to become stars in human form.


How can core radiation make my life better?

If we can learn to radiate our positive energy outwards as your normal state of being, we will attract others to you who are similarly positive, powerful, and caring.  We will be able to heal others and will be offered more opportunities to make a difference.  At this point, you may be asked to take more responsibility for a group or a movement, to bring a creative work into being, or to be a leader of your local community.  This is a natural result of emanating positive, powerful energy in the world.  This is the difference between ‘natural born leaders’ and the rest of the world – ‘natural born leaders’ were born emanating positive energy and never were traumatized into shutting those channels off out of self-defence.  We can learn to turn those channels on again, so that we are refining transmitters for the energy of the universe itself, broadcasting a frequency of love.  If we can do this, our entire worlds can change!  


Step Nine: Shining Your Light

What is ‘shining your light’?

After you have gained the ability to passively emanate the energies of the universe, you can choose to recirculate the excess of that emanation back into the world.  This extra energy can feed those who give you energy, allowing them to trust in their own gifts and strengthen their capacity to give.  This energy can be used to teach others to receive energy and trust in opening their boundaries to others, without dependency, to build a circulation of positive energy with life itself.  This energy can also be used to deliberately remove and digest each others’ energetic blockages.  If this work is combined with work on the mental body, this can permanently remove patterns of shame, victimhood, and pervasive negativity, flipping someone from generating and sustaining darkness to generating and sustaining light.  This step requires discernment of where and how to invest this energy for greatest return of light and love for the whole of creation.  Done intelligently and compassionately, this literally makes the world a better place.


How can shining my light make my life better?

When you shine your light, you become seen and known in the world for the natural gift of your true self.  This attracts those who are also shining to you, who have healed from much of their wounding, and who have different gifts to give and lessons to learn.  Such people can give lessons without much residue, as can you at this stage.  This accelerates everyone’s growth and development!  To those who have much, much will be given.  


The Trials of Light

Many tests will come as a result of shining your light.  This is not a mystic process, but a cause and effect in accordance with the laws of nature.  The presence of light illumines shadow, and the presence of a high level of high vibrational frequency naturally others’ places of stuckness to the surface.  These holdings can be loved and dissolved into a higher vibrational state of love in turn.  It is important to be judicious and thoughtful about the light that you shine out to others.  If too much light and love come to people who are at a lower vibrational state all of a sudden without preparation, those who have been conditioned to hide their gifts may push back to protect their current level of vibration from disruption.  The greeks say ‘it is bad luck to wake a sleepwalker,’ because those who are unconscious on certain levels may push back on subconscious or unconscious frequencies in order to to dim your light and keep them safe from change.

If you persist through skillful connection and your expression of your gifts is more enduring and loving than their protective conditioning, you can actually transform the stuck energies of others.  The effecting of this transformation, of pain and protection into loving, is the first trial.  But there is a second, more subtle trial that all who walk a path of light must overcome to continue.  Those who experience more light from you may seek to follow you for their own liberation.  They may feed you with their energy, looking to be lead to greater levels of freedom through your presence in their world.  This is also a crucial test, and one of the reasons this path was typically only revealed to those who proved their trustworthiness and compassion.  as the energy of those who seek liberation is incredibly strong, and requires discipline to recirculate with others and not get stronger by feeding off of others’ devotion.  The tendency to feed on followers is the greatest trap in the spiritual path, yet if everything can be recirculated to benefit others’ becoming, the returns can be infinite within a human lifetime.  

Shining your light allows you to deliberately create more love and connection in the world.  Through this, you can initiate others into their experience of energy and themselves, deliberately removing and digesting the energetic blockages of others, and empowering others to live lives in love, as love.  While the way is long, this process is worth the effort.


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