I want everyone to enjoy existence as their fullest selves. I will share my wisdom, energy, love, and power to the best of my ability to assist in our mutual becoming.

The more lights that shine in the world, the more we will all have to see. I am here to shine my light openly and brightly, and to encourage others to do the same. We can all learn, grow, and love together, as a result of sharing our experience, wisdom, and love.

Service: This site exists to serve the reader. I will write for my readership, answer questions pertaining to the needs of the readership in a manner which is engaging and digestible as the material allows. I will reinvest the energy which comes to me as a result of this site for the benefit of my readership.

Love: This site exists to serve our emergence as love, in our own unique flavors. I do not intend to make enemies, but to transmute obstacles. When obstacles are identified, the solution is not to point fingers, but to pick up tools and get to work. And the greatest tool, which conveniently is the highest goal, is emergence into love.

Equality: I believe in the essential equality between writer and reader. It is a gift for you to give your time and attention to reading this site, and it is my honor to give as much as I possibly can, so long as you choose to invest your time and attention here. There is no authoritarian hierarchy here of content creation over content reception. The energy given to this site will be reinvested in the service of those who watch it, in various forms.

Honesty: I will tell what I know and what I believe, and will speak from my own personal experience. I will share what works for me, inviting the reader to experiment. I will remain open to correction as my experience of life continues to expand.

Wisdom: I will honor wisdom and cultivate its emergence in the world. I will not seek to claim wisdom as my own, but share it openly that it may be kindled in its unique way in every individual. I will likewise share in the wisdom of others.

Stewardship: I commit to the upkeep of this site and care for the readership, with regular updates and clear channels of communication.


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